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Simplifying Approaches to Teaching & Learning

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Gain a clearer perspective on educational theory vocabulary, direct tips for implementing teacher-friendly techniques, and getting the most out of educational technology.


This eBook highlights how we, as IB teachers, can bring Approaches to Teaching to our classroom & challenge students to engage in Approaches to Learning

Unify teaching strategies with student skill sets


tick How Inquiry-Based Teaching Improves Student Research Skills

tick How to focus on Conceptual Understanding while practicing student Thinking Skills

tick How teaching developed in Local and Global Contexts enriches student Communication Skills

tick How teaching focused on Teamwork empowers student Social Skills

tick How to Differentiate Teaching for the advancement of student Thinking Skills

tick How teaching informed by Assessment fosters student Self-Management skills



Satisfy both teaching and learning requirements at the same time




About the Author


" Through this eBook, discover how to apply each strategy for a fully focused lesson on a specific teaching-learning goal during a contact hour, but also how to mix and match these techniques to offer a well-rounded course to your students throughout the school year. And don’t forget: you are dealing with digital natives, so integrate educational technology to make instruction appealing, relatable, and meaningful to them.





IB & University Teacher
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